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Efficient use of space

Geniad is a network which is complementary to AdSense, while AdSense pays for every click, geniad pays for every view.

Be flexible

With our flexible formats, you will be able to display any format which is currently sold for a high CPM.

Earn more

Gain access to international advertising channels, manage more websites at once. No minimum threshold for the payments.

Make the right decision

Our RTB-technology guarantees the highest revenues possible by always displaying the ad with the best CPM.

Quality advertisers

Geniad presents your website to selected quality advertisers and you will always have ads relevant to your content.

Easy implementation

Easy to implement, no cost and no commitment. You have nothing to lose but a lot to win!

How does it work?


(1) Sign up to Geniad on this website for free.


(2) We will aprove your website if it doesn’t display offending content.


(3) We will create your profile for our online performance review tool.


(4) You will receive your login information, as well as the generated ad-codes via email.


(5) You can then implement the codes into your website and start earning money right away!

Not sure yet?
Want to know more about RTB?

How does RTB work?

Further questions?

Check out FAQ

Advantages of using Geniad


No effort

Implementation will be done by our team if you need help. From there, our software will do the rest!

No cost

There will be no cost for you! For our service we only charge 15% provision from your generated revenues.

No risk

There are no responsibilities for you! During our partnership, we will try to help you as much as possible to maximize your profit.

“I used Geniad to monetise my website, and it’s now producing a great return on investment. Thanks to their technology, this is a unique opportunity in the ads market. It’s been a pleasure working with the team, they are always kind and professional.” Barbara Loynet

Founder at Zanda.fr

Sign up for free to start earning

The subscription implies no obligations. The service is free and will always be. Geniad will deduct a small percentage on the final earnings.

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