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Looking for an alternative to Google Adsense?

Looking for an alternative to Google Adsense?

Has your Google Adsense account been disabled or temporarily banned?

Are you looking to increase your online revenues without spending any money?

Geniad is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives you will find that monetise your website.

With an innovative system of serving banner ads alongside state of art reporting, Geniad has access to the major ad platforms such as AppNexus, BrightRoll, Facebook, Google and Tremor Video giving their customers the highest revenues possible.

Geniad is one of the leading European companies to use Real Time Bidding (RTB). RTB is a technology which has been revolutionising the online advertising industry over the last couple of years. Due to innovative RTB software, websites and blogs ad-inventory are offered to thousands of premium advertisers at the same time within milliseconds in an online auction.

During the auction, the bidding advertisers compete in displaying their ads to web users who are browsing the website. The highest bidder wins and displays their ads on the website in question. This whole process takes a few milliseconds while the user is loading the page.

There are no fees, no contract to sign and within the first month, Geniad can uplift earnings between 10% and 30%. In some cases, websites can double and even triple their ad revenue.

The best way to find out if Geniad is for you is to sign up. The size of the revenue we generate depends on many factors like demographic, location, period of the year or the size of traffic.

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