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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the first payment?

With Geniad the first payment arrives 75 days after activation. In some cases, payment may take up to 90 days to arrive. For payment to be sent a Paypal account is required.

Is there any commitment from my part after I subscribe?

The subscription does not constitute any obligation and it’s completely free.

How do I create new ads in the platform?

Just select the My Tags menu, click on the right format and pick up the code.

What happens after the subscription?

When you have subscribed your websites through the subscription form, our team will evaluate your request. If the auditing of your site is positive you will be contacted as soon as possible and explained how to log into the platform.

How do I implement Geniad’s banners on my website?

If you have experience with Google AdSense, you will find Geniad to be just as easy. If you have never used an advertising network before, our team will be happy to guide through the process. It only takes a small edit to your sites code and you only need to do it once.

What kind of banners are we talking about?

An archive of 10,000 selected advertisers, who cover every category of product and website. The banners will be dynamically generated based on the topics of your website’s pages. Please note, our technology that recognises the topic of the page is automatic and may occasionally make mistakes. If this is the case please let us know immediately, so that we can quickly fix the issue. and get your the best performing ads on the market.

Can i create new ads?

Of course, the ads are referred to as “tags” in our platform – you will find it easy to create new ones for the sizes you want to utilise.

How could Geniad offer CPM offers that are so high?

We take a 10% commission from the client’s income, while AdSense and other channels keep from 15% to 60% of the revenue for themselves.

Are the views from mobile devices taken into account?

Yes, the views from mobile count just as well.

Will the network pay for returning views?

Unique views are paid much more than the returning ones.

Integration with AdSense

Geniad is 100% compatible with AdSense, it is one of the channels of our network. Just like Adsense we recommend that you limit the number of ads per page 3. If you use AdSense in conjunction with Geniad , a maximum of 6 is possible ( 3 Geniad + 3 AdSense)

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